Its story begins with the first lord of the castle, Bertram of Bourscheid, whose name was mentioned in 1095 for the first time in the castle history. The construction of the castle began around the year 1000 by the replacement of older fortified constructions.

Bourscheid castle is situated on a isolated promontory, accessible only from the north-west, 150 meters above the level of the river Sure and 360 meters above sea level. Even today the ruins testify to an impressive fortification covering a surface of 12.000 square meters (151 meters long, 53 meters wide) and surrounded by a massive ring wall with 11 watchtowers.

Castle Bourscheid is recommended for tourist excursions or to spend a pleasant educational day with the family.

The visit to the castle can be combined with a hike through the impressive woods of the Oesling.

The plan of the castle